While Go to Health! speaks to people where they live – in their aches, in their pains, in their gut – we are not just another mobile medical clinic delivering care to underserved populations. Direct provision of broadly defined health and wellness services is the core of our purpose. Yet, through our community-hosted efforts and workshops we reach many more patients than could possibly be seen only in our three exam rooms.

By using theater, music, lecture, instruction and participatory creativity as educational tools, much like the traveling medicine shows of yore, we reach many people with varied needs.

Education serves our mission of pursuing improved individual and social health in all populations, particularly the downtrodden. By entertaining and engaging, thus empowering, our guests through multiple artistic and educational avenues, we address many issues around individual health and wellness, social and community health, making the health care system work, psychological and spiritual fitness, and environmental health.

For example, our theatrical skits inform on common disease states, on self-help, on utilizing various institutions in the health care system, on connecting personal and community interests, on structural obstacles to health and happiness, on preventive care and wellness, on alternative perspectives to defining fitness, on personal growth, and on building popular institutions and campaigns.

One facet of our work is our “heal the healers” program. Through it we offer caregivers; various health care professionals, social services providers, artists, community activists, and social reformers varied approaches to self care and stress reduction, thereby reinvigorating them to continue to do their important work. Giving the healers ways to cope with uphill battles and to lessen stress benefits, on many levels, them and the larger systems in which they operate.