The Heal the Healers Program - a PLaYLab more than a workshop

Stress, or rather our inability to adapt to stress, is one of the great health problems of our time. Hypertension, ulcers, gastric disorders, sleep dysfunction, anxiety, to name but a few, are examples of common disorders resulting, in part, from our inability to adapt to stress. While we can’t always change the stressors in our lives, we can improve our reactions to them.

The Heal the Healer PLaYLab offers a grab bag of time efficient techniques that emphasize self-care, particularly around stress management. The PLaYLab means just that—an opportunity to spend a few hours experimenting in a safe environment to see what works for you to transform tension into serenity.

All of us are caregivers in some way or another, but often we lose sight of the need for self-care. This PLaYLab offers motivational encouragement and practical modalities for quick interventions for care of ourselves. For example: 5-second meditations for the avowed non-meditator; pranyama or yogic breathing cleansings and other quick transformational techniques for those of us on the fast track.

Go to Health! prefers ideally to design these interactive sessions around the needs of the participants. PLaYLab durations vary, but two hours generally covers a great deal of material and allows for discussion.

We consider it a blessing to Heal the Healers. We are delighted to arrange these PLayLabs with organizations and individuals who are interested. Simply ask.

Contact: Kira-Laura Ferrand