Hop on the bus. Join us on the exhilarating journey of Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care.


With banners streaming to lively music, in rolls our brightly painted “heals-on-wheels” double-decker mobile health and healing center. The large stage folds out to reveal our enchanting barker - master of ceremonies for our traveling medicine show. The Go to Health! theatrical troupe and team of healers enter singing and juggling. They launch the festivities as they present multiple skits and screens and placards expounding on various pursuits of personal and collective health. Folks from the community are drawn in for broad medical attention and invigorating workshops inside the inviting bus. Meanwhile, an enthusiastic audience is mesmerized and informed by the myriad of dramatic, artistic, participatory and educative activities ringing the health and wellness center on wheels. In this traveling medicine show, transformative healing begins long before actual practitioners lay hands on individual patients.

Welcome to Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care. This bus stop - another neighborhood in need.

All Aboard!