Visualize a circle around three intersecting lines. This represents the paradigm fostered by the Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care organization for understanding individual and social health.
  The circle embraces three axes, like spokes on the wheel of a bus. One axis symbolizes head-to-toe health care of theholistic individual. The second dimension represents the cradle-to-grave continuum: health care integrated over the life cycle. The third axis represents the spectrum from cell to universe, spanning all natural and social systems: from cellular building block through organs and organisms
to family, community, culture, society, and biosphere, finally reaching biological kingdoms, planet, and galaxies. The medical, healing and social health services of Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care address integratively the full complexity in a person at any moment in time and space, in the complete human life cycle across time and space, and in the many levels of social and biological organization
beyond time and space.


"Go to Health!" speaks to the project’s broad individual and social health mission. As befits our mobile unit, it conveys action or motion. To the public we serve, it is both a promise and an exhortation.

"Ambuslatory Care" refers to the portable health and healing purpose of our institution and is a pun that makes our name mem-orable while emphasizing our interest in humor and play.

"Medical Service & Healing Arts" states our core intent.

"Education, celebration, dramatization, agitation, inspiration, transformation" explains the important non-clinical roles of Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care.

Education is critical to individual and collective health and empowerment.

Celebration taps the healing qualities of creativity and joy.

Dramatization refers to our drawing on the most powerful aspect of the traveling medicine show - the use of theater and performance to make our message vibrant.

Agitation is often a necessary catalyst to counter the inertia of natural and social conditions and aim for higher levels of health and happiness for people.

Inspiration - rooted in the Latin verb inspirare: to breathe – describes our wish to energize populations with hope, wellness, commitment, self-efficacy and action. It is our poetic call to arms.

Transformation - broad individual and collective change for the better, even transcendence - beckons as our ultimate goal.