Stephanie Pare, Esq. – Goodwin Proctor, LLP
Erica Valenti, Esq. – Goodwin Proctor, LLP
Ethan Horowitz, Esq. – Goodwin Proctor, LLP
Dana Breitman, Esq. – Goodwin Proctor, LLP
Zoe Badger
Kristin Sageser
Herschel Goldfield, Esq. – Proskauer Rose, LLP
Roger A. Cohen, Esq. – Proskauer Rose, LLP
Peter Millock, Esq. – Nixon Peabody, LLP
Ari Markenson, Esq.
Morton Hyman
Carol Green
Janet Green
Anthony Tassi
Daniel S. Ayres, Mobile Medical, Inc.
Sophie Terrisse, STC Associates, Inc.
Laurent Bourscheidt, STC Associates, Inc.
Lorie Beers
Claire Pichet
Agusto Boal and all members of
Theater of the Oppressed
The Brecht Forum
Guy Weyser-Pratte
Gitta Rose
Jon Kalish
Rebecca K. Kramnick, Esq. and all of
the fine folks at Lawyers’ Alliance
Caroline Patterson
Michael Goodwin
Polly Kreisman
Wendy Dubit
Lynda and George Clark

Pamela Miles
Sandra Martin
Lisa Hagen
Sergio Mendes
Janet Macklin
Marilyn Parker
Sheila Acheson
Thijis Spoor
David Cornstein
Lesley Hawke
Allison Podell
Emily Squires
Rhoda Grauer
Project Renewal
Todd Drake
John McGann
Darrell Russell
Brian Spence
David and Dorothy Quentzel
The Merry Pranksters
Woodson Merrill, MD and the Continuum Center for Health and Healing
Ron Russell and Epic Theater
Peter A. Kelly
Continuum Health Partners
Red Schiller, MD and the Institute for Urban Family Health
Toni Sciarra
Lisa Healy
Beth Forer