This unique mobile health center addresses and integrates the medical, healing and social health needs of a multitude of audiences. Modeled after the famous traveling medicine shows of yesteryear that both educated and entertained, true to the skilled reach of healing practitioners into the ordinary lives of people and communities across America, the bus will deliver a wide spectrum of conventional medical services, holistic healing practices, psychological therapies, educational lectures and workshops, theatrical demonstrations on themes of social health, music and art to lift spirits, rallying points to excite and unify communities, and service and compassion to ease individual and collective pain where we find it.

Working in close association with Beth Israel Medical Center, Continuum Health Partners, Inc, and the Continuum Center for Health and Healing (the nation's largest clinical practice combining conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapeutic modalities), the Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care project expands on the rich, visionary histories of generous service by these renowned New York health care institutions.

At the core of its mission, the bus will travel around New York City and its immediate environs, addressing needs in our home town. Health care, healing, teaching, celebration, art and joy could be distributed through collaboration with the Departments of Education, Parks and Recreation, Housing, and Corrections. Joint efforts could also develop with the shelter system, religious networks, social service organizations, charities, nursing homes, local universities, major regional employers, cultural agencies, community boards, and health c are institutions. What could be more promising than this mobile theatrical powerhouse, with all its clinical, educational, and motivational services, pulling up to an elementary school in the South Bronx or a community center in the Lower East Side?

Go to Health! Ambuslatory Care will also have a national presence. This mobile health center will visit sites across America where need and people concentrate: natural disasters, festivals, poor towns, farm communities, rallies, marches, schools, concerts, houses of worship, soup kitchens, shelters, charitable and not-for-profit organizations, labor camps, community health clinics, inner cities, mental health centers, prisons, children's camps, village greens and more.

In these times of tight health care financing; of complaints about the clinical coldness of medical practice; of antagonism between medical providers, health insurers, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and patients; of environmental threats to health; of growing societal disparities in wealth and health; of ecological decay; and of pervasive ignorance, oppression, demoralization and pain, the bus provides immediate concrete solutions while symbolizing far-reaching hope. It is, quite literally, a vehicle through which the powerful interests of organized medicine, health insurance companies, financial institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government, high-tech markets, the automotive industry, organizations with holistic and spiritual concerns, and well-intended individuals can finally join in partnership to deliver needed services for health and happiness in the here and now. It also models a cooperative, effective and compassionate framework for delivering health care in general in this country.

The bottom line? Immediate help and long-term well-being-- all just a bus ride away.